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What we do 

We work with a unique mobile concept to deliver holistic support to disadvantaged people in Solihull and the wider West Midlands. We work with the community to provide essential items and deliver creative projects shaped by the pillars of The Village, that improve wellbeing and create opportunity for everyone to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Our projects are aligned with the pillars of community - Home, School, Theatre, Market, Garden, Sacred Space. We listen closely to the people we work with to deliver the missing pillars of their community.  

Our beginnings as a charity are rooted internationally and we continue to support communities worldwide through Acts of Kindness, as we believe people anywhere in the world have the right to a fulfilled life.

To help us in our efforts, we repurpose the skills of the veteran community as a volunteer force for good. This generates healing and the opportunity for people from across cultures to connect and learn. 


A complete community is a thriving community and it's people can be successful. 

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