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A grant of £350 has been awarded to ‘Tatu Rafiki’, a group of 3 deaf tailors who have been able to use their grant to purchase more tools and materials to improve the quality of their work and increase capacity to meet larger overseas orders. Their plan is to create financial independence and sustainability from the grant through training other local deaf people to become skilled tailors.


“In general this grant will help us to increase income to our enterprise and to our individuals. As a team we are sewing Batik fabric products with fine finishing, and we also mentor deaf young girls and boys in this career - that makes us unique.”


– Polkarp, head tailor at Tatu Rafiki, Moshi, Tanzania

‘New Hope for Broken Hearts’ received £60 to ship the equipment they needed to run their vocational training centre in the DRC. They can now access microfinance schemes to build new enterprises for young men and women to be engaged in a caring and structured environment that develops their vocational skills in carpentry, woodwork and mechanics.


“The main purpose of the organisation is to bring hope to broken hearts by providing access to basic education and vocational training to 150 orphan and vulnerable children, young people and men and women in their neighbourhoods”


– Marc Chiruza Ruhindangoabo, Executive Director

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Gracious Compassion Trust is an organisation in Plumtree, Zimbabwe that supports women victims of gender based violence and domestic abuse. In their community, many women rely on their spouse for financial support and so Grace and her team empower women and girls through skills development to enable them to have their own financial freedom. Women are equipped with the skills to sew and alter garments and the knowledge to start their own small business ventures.


“The grant will greatly assist us in reaching out to women and disadvantaged girls, we intend to reach out and train more women and girls so that they are able to start their own small business ventures. They will be equipped on how to sew uniforms, masks and even to do minor alterations on garments. This will be their starting point to having useful life skills.”


– Grace Moyo, Executive Director