Sacred Space in the Village of Bethlehem

A place of spiritual observation and learning. This might be a church, a mosque, a meditation room, or a place for mental or physical health healing.

Our beneficiaries in The Village of Bethlehem have all been impacted physically and mentally by the conflict in the area. Many of them suffered from PTSD, severe anxiety and as a result struggled to find a place in society. They struggled to find a peer group and the emotional support needed to heal and reintegrate into their communities. 

Creating a Sacred Space has been at the heart of The Village of Bethlehem, providing consistent mental health support to these young people, who otherwise were not receiving this kind of care. The support has been delivered both one-on-one and in group counselling sessions, led by a local social worker. 

This has provided an opportunity for our beneficiaries to open up, often for the first time, about their experiences and struggles. It has also given them a supportive community, where they are able to be vulnerable and receive empathy. 

"I was sure I was joining an organisation that would embrace our wounds."

- Hamada, Village of The Bethlehem Beneficiary 

Through providing a Sacred Space our beneficiaries have started a community volunteering programme, with the simple mission to give back and be of service to their neighbours and friends.

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