The Theatre in the Village of Bethlehem 

A space for the expression and interaction with the arts and performance. A space of storytelling.

The Theatre has been as a profound healing tool in The Village of Bethlehem.

The beneficiaries worked with a local actor and theatre practitioner, Nisbat Sarhan. She volunteered to teach acting techniques and script writing. They developed a play sharing real stories from their lives, performing at the local theatre in Bethlehem, the Al-Harah Theatre.

This work has remarkably improved our beneficiaries confidence, giving them agency to speak about their experiences, a sense of purpose and community. Previously, many of them were unable to speak about their traumas, express emotions, and were isolated without a social support system. 

In February 2020, our beneficiaries devised a performance for their local community about their traumas. It explored themes of isolation, life changes physical injuries, such as amputation and losing limbs and the mental impact of their experiences. The performance also focused on the community and the power of coming together. 

"I have a story to share, it is a feeling, an experience that made me rise and we are here to inspire you to go on and never give up." 

For the majority of the beneficiaries it was the first time they had performed for an audience. The experience of creating this show has been incredibly valuable, requiring them to work together in an intense and powerfully emotive environment. 


"The joy is in the journey not the destination."  

Explore the Sacred Space in The Village of Bethlehem

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