Born north of Boston, to a commercial fishing family, Dominique’s early childhood was a tumultuous one, and at nineteen, Dominique took refuge in the world. She volunteered for a year at Mants’ase Children’s Home in Lesotho. One evening, Dominique and the children gathered together and shared their stories. While their life experiences could hardly be more different, there were shared emotional themes that connected them and enabled Dominique and the children to relate to each other.


This began a four-year journey by Dominique to understand what connects us across seemingly distant social planes. She traveled, interviewing men in Kenya, former children soldiers in northern Uganda, herd boys in Lesotho, veterans and Native Americans in Oklahoma, ‘untouchables’ in India, and refugees in Palestine and along the Syrian border in Jordan. 


Although the people Dominique met were very different, all their stories consisted of the same emotional themes of love, loss, happiness, sadness, hope, and fear. Universal themes that could be found in stories the world over, revealing our shared humanity. 


Dominique has carried these experiences forward by founding The Village. Read more of Dominique's work at

"Thank you for all the effort of making communal magic.” - Gloria Steinem on Dominique's work.


November 2019Dominique chats with BFBS about our work in Lesotho supported by veterans.

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