The Garden in the Village of Lesotho

A place where people tend the land in return for nourishment and economic sustainability

The Garden in Lesotho consists of 6 acres of ploughed land and a recently renovated greenhouse. On the November 2019 volunteer trip to Lesotho, the veterans, with the help of the herd boys, have installed a water storage and irrigation system, in order to ensure better conditions for growing all year round.

"The Garden helps teach the children responsibility and team work. Also it means no longer having to buy vegetables."

- Tebello, The Village of Lesotho Country Director

The aim of the Garden is to create long term economic and ecological sustainability and to provide nutritious food for our beneficiaries. As the Garden expands, we aim to be able to sell excess fruit and vegetables into the local market, providing extra, much needed, funds to the orphanage.

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