The School in the Village of Lesotho 

A place of education, academic and social. 

Lesala Shepherd School

In Lesotho, boys as young as five are sent to the mountains to shepherd cattle, goats and sheep for local farmers. They are called herd boys. They spend most of their time alone in a hash environment, temperatures dropping well below freezing in winter and in summer they are often struck by lightning. Herd boys receive little or no formal or social education, leaving their futures bleak with little opportunity for rejoining society or for long term economic mobility.

The Lesala Shepherd School was founded by Julius Matsoso Majoro in 2005. Julius was once a herd boy himself but managed to escape the cycle that traps many of Lesotho's young men. After completing his own self-funded studies, Julius wanted to help other herd boys receive an education, launching the Lesala Shepherd School now supported by The Village.

The Lesala Shepherd School operates at night, after the herd boys have finished their day's work tending to animals. They come down off the hills, some walking up to 20km in the dark, to receive a basic education in Sesotho, English and Maths. They also receive a hot meal and an opportunity to socialise, singing and dancing together. 

Since 2018, The Village has funded the Lesala Shepherd School, providing 50 herd boys with a basic education. We are expanding our efforts with the launch of the The Village Skills College in March 2020. 


  • Attendance in the school grew in the school from 8 to 53

  • 1,044 hours of class time

  • 10,800 meals provided

  • 2 herd boys sponsored for full time education

  • 540 hygiene packs provided to reduce illness

The Skills College

The Village Skills College was launched in March 2020 out of a need for vocation skills by the young people in The Village of Lesotho. This new project is locally led by Ntate Rethobile and Mme Mastiliso. Ntate Rethobile is an expert carpenter, metal and glass worker.

The skills classes are full-time and range through woodwork, metal work and glass work. The training will soon be bolstered by academic teaching. We are creating a curriculum unique to The Village of Lesotho which reacts specifically to the needs of our beneficiaries. By combining the vocational and the academic teaching, we aim to create a powerful opportunity for the herd boys and the orphans to reach their full potential, whether that is through honing their skills as a woodworker or learning to write the story of their life. 

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