• Dominique Sinagra

The Lesala Shepherd School School


It is nighttime in the mountains of Lesotho. The stars are overwhelming, millions, hanging in clusters. They feel close enough to touch. Across an open field is a small building with lights burning. You walk towards it. Inside, are rows of desks. Herd Boys descend from the neighbouring hillsides to receive the only education they have access to. Some of these Herd Boys are children while others seem more to be men. They are members of The Village, just like you.

The Herd Boys pull out books and pencils from under the desks and begin working. Soon, the sound of Herd Boys sounding out words and working out maths problems fills the air. You sit down with one boy and offer to help. He's grateful and accepts. ​ He asks about your home and wonders especially if you have any cows?

The Lesala Shepherd School operates at night, after the Herd Boys have finished their day's work tending to animals. The environment is harsh. In the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and in the summer lightning strikes are common. Many of the boys dream of other futures beyond shepherding.

The Facts:

  • Began in July 2018

  • 175 School nights for Herd Boys in 2019

  • 7,500 evening meals served in 2019

  • 27 Herd Boys taught remotely in 2019

  • 360 Health packs for the Herd Boys in 2019

  • 90 pairs of boots provided in 2019 for Herd Boys

  • 41 registered Herd Boys in January 2019

  • 60 registered Herd Boys in December 2019

  • 2 High School Scholarships in 2020

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