• Dominique Sinagra

The Skills College

START TIME: After Bathing

It is early morning. You can smell burning wood from cooking fires in the nearby villages. You can still hear the Herd Boys singing from the night before playing in your head. A group of some of the same Herd Boys are hammering and sawing wood in the shade of a tree. You inspect their work. They smile at you with pride.

"Table," one boy says to you.

He is carefully measuring out the dimensions. An older man, a teacher you assume, points out a mistake in his maths. The boy laughs and shakes his head at himself and starts over. He gets it right the second time and begins sawing wood. He asks you to help him by holding the plank still.

For the Herd Boys here at the Skills College, learning these vocations could mean the difference between a life in poverty working as shepherds and a life with more sustainability.

When the Herd Boy is finished with the table he will sell it in The Market (coming soon).

Would you like to buy a Herd Boy some materials?

The Facts:

  • Began in March 2020

  • 130 Skills Classes in 2020

  • 18 Tables built and sold in 2020

  • 11 Herd Boys selected

  • 0 Absences


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