• Dominique Sinagra

The Village of Solihull Cooking School

Welcome to The Village of Solihull School. It’s new and might be a little different to any other school you’ve been to because it all happens online. You’ve been invited to come to a lesson - quick log on, it’s about to begin! You enter the virtual classroom and from your screen shines out the faces of your peers from tiny windows. Like you, they’re all waiting to see what new skills they will learn today.

Some of them are teenagers with learning needs, others are young families and a few are adults with disabilities who are taking part with their Carers. All are here for the same reason: to learn to cook quick, healthy, inexpensive and tasty meals from the comfort of their own kitchen. Anne-Marie, your teacher, greets you with a big smile.

On today’s menu: Chicken Katsu Curry You reach into your kitchen kit that has been delivered by The Village to your door. It has all the tools you need to complete your class; a whisk, a rolling pin, a measuring jug, a wooden spoon. It also has fresh produce and dried goods - some of the herbs you hold in your hands were even grown in The Village Garden! “Everyone ready? Let’s get cooking!”. Anne-Marie shows you the first step of the demonstration and then instructs you to try. Class has begun. Don't forget to let us know how it tastes! The first learning experience in The Village of Solihull takes the form of a cooking school. A diverse group of community members who are taking part in short courses that promote healthy eating and a connection to the foods we eat. All meals are designed to be inexpensive, simple but above all else, tasty and exciting to make, time and time again. ​ The Village is supplying community members with all of the tools they will need to complete the course, including kitchen equipment and ingredients from local stores.


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