• Dominique Sinagra

Why Solihull?

The Village of Solihull has been formed via a partnership with Solihull Moors Community Foundation. The aim is to support families living in the North of Solihull, in order to:

  1. Improve health & wellbeing by providing self-care support and delivering social and recreational activities for individuals facing isolation, financial hardship or other inhibiting socioeconomic factors and;


2. Promote sustainable living and better lifestyle choices through outreach initiatives, skills and education programmes.

The Village is working with families in need to improve their wellbeing and develop opportunities for parents and children to make connections between each other and their local environment. The district has been declared a regeneration area by the Borough Council, and The Village of Solihull will bring exciting new opportunities and spaces to families in line with this wider strategy.

The context:

  • In North Solihull, 73% of children live in low income households with a lone parent

  • Those living in the area experience below average income levels, high population density and less green space per head

  • Child poverty rates are 24% higher than in the South of Solihull

  • Among all age groups, children in North Solihull are more likely than elsewhere in the borough to have a long-term illness or disabilities.

These families already experiencing the disadvantages of the widening inequality gaps are also those who will suffer most from the economic and social implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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