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Semonkong, Lesotho

29.8421° S, 28.0497° E

You've arrived safely to The Village of Lesotho. You're standing on a mountainside. Sheep bleat and the wind whistles past your ears. It is an obscure place. Beside you stands a Herd Boy. He wears gumboots on his feet. They have holes in them, revealing toes.

Around his shoulders flaps a colourful woollen 

blanket her wears like a cloak.

You share no language, yet, he is a member of

The Village, just like you.  The Herd Boy beckons

and you follow him down the steep descent

towards a cluster of buildings...

Help a Herd Boy, buy some boots

Here are some of the faces you might see along your journey. Be sure to wave hello!

Where in The Village of Lesotho would you like to go?

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The story began in 2009, when Dominique, Founder and CEO of The Village, first travelled to Lesotho. There, she lived and volunteered for a year at an orphanage.


One evening, Dominique and a group of children sat together in a circle and shared their stories. After they each spoke, it struck Dominique that the children didn't speak about HIV/AIDS, mud huts, or other scenarios commonly associated with the lives of African orphans. Instead, their focus was on far more universal themes, such as, love, loss, happiness, sadness, hope and fear. Themes that could be found in stories the world over. 

This was the very beginning of The Village. A mission to connect people and enable people with the opportunity to see themselves in others, no matter how distant their lives might seem. If we can see ourselves in others, we are far more likely to care about their wellbeing.


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The Village (Village of Forgiveness) Registered Charity No. 1186107 (England & Wales)

Stody Hall Barns, Stody, Norfolk, NR24 2ED