Village of Lesotho 29.8421° S, 28.0497° E

The Village of Lesotho is in one large compound and comprises of multiple elements including a Home for abandoned and orphaned children, a School for local shepherds or herd boys, a Garden to provide food for the children and herd boys, a Theatre, for the expression of arts. In 2020, we are launching a Market and a Sacred Space. The Village of Lesotho is our flagship project, launched in 2018.  Lesotho is also the country where founder, Dominique was first inspired to begin the charity.


"To not institutionalise children, we are trying to raise them on principles and values instead of rules and regulations. Create a home environment where they feel they have the care and support of their caregivers. They feel like they have a mother and a father. We communicate beyond just their basic needs. We take care of their emotional needs as well as their spiritual needs."


- Retha, Director of Semonkong Children's Centre (The Home in the Village of Lesotho)

Impact of Veteran Volunteers in Lesotho

In 2019, The Village deployed three rotations of veteran volunteers to The Village of Lesotho. There they worked at the Lesala Shepherd School assisting the teaching, led daily skills training courses in carpentry, mechanics and plumbing for the herd boys and the orphans, worked on infrastructure improvements, including renovating a greenhouse for the Garden and implementing a water irrigation and storage system. They also cleared out a disused and derelict hospital building, which in March 2020 has become The Village of Lesotho Skills College. To learn more about the value of the veteran volunteer force, click here.

Coming Soon To The Village of Lesotho


Sacred Space

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The Village (Village of Forgiveness) registered as a charity in England and Wales, number 1186107

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