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The Village of Bethlehem was launched in October 2019. The project consists of a Theatre and a Sacred Space and our focus is to support the mental wellbeing of our beneficiaries.


The Village of Bethlehem supports young adults who have been impacted mentally and physically by the ongoing conflict. Some are afraid to leave their house, could not sleep, and suffered from flashbacks. All struggled to talk about their traumas and feared trusting other people. They had been excluded from society, as they could not attend school or gain employment. We are working with local staff to build community around these young people to reintegrate them back into society and a fulfilling future.


“The past few months I have had the most beautiful days, specifically because my physical and mental status have changed. With you, I decided to change. I started seeking myself instead of others, realising I should love and value who I am. I started caring for my family not being scared of them, I stopped fearing wearing the same clothes because I became a more confident person. I understand the real value of things and the materialistic .” 

- Moe Hassan, The Village of Bethlehem Beneficiary 


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The Village (Village of Forgiveness) registered as a charity in England and Wales, number 1186107

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