“If we cannot see ourselves in others, whomever they may be, then their suffering becomes easily dismissed. If their suffering is dismissed, so is their human potential.”


Dominique Sinagra, Founder & CEO

Volunteering at The Village

As a small team here at The Village, we rely on the kindness and goodwill of volunteers to provide additional help where they can. 


People who generously give their time to support our cause, directly contribute to the impact, growth and sustainability of our work across the world.


Could you help make a difference to the lives of our villagers?

We have a range of roles available; whether you’re looking to volunteer in The Village of Solihull, or to support The Village of Lesotho in Southern Africa remotely by lending your amazing administration, fundraising or marketing skills - there are opportunities to suit most interests!


Our volunteering roles are flexible and we are happy for volunteers to help out regularly or on an occasional basis.  So if you would like to join us, then we would love to hear from you!

Please complete the form below and we will get in touch.  Alternatively you can email us at info@thevillagecharity.org

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  • We foster healing and renewal, promoting unity between people and place

  • We encourage personal and external forgiveness so there is harmony between the environment and humans



  • We strive to be an inclusive, progressive and equal organisation, where everyone is valued and remains unified in our collective mission

  • We connect to people and communities from a place of equality, in pursuit of change together



  • Truth-telling; even when it’s not that easy

  • We endeavour to carry out our work in an ethical, honest, open, fair, and responsible way



  • We are not afraid to be different; to scribble outside of the lines

  • We are motivated by a shared purpose, to actively encourage experimentation to test what works for the communities we serve  



  • We dream big; as the greatest reward is the feeling we get from helping others

  • We ask ourselves: what is the bravest choice we could make?